You may be wondering how entrepreneurs and companies can take advantage of social media to attract new investors?

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for whatever application there is. It can literally make or break brands, change political landscapes, start a movement, be instant news and now, it has evolved into a shopping hub and chief community.

Technically speaking, it’s been in charge for years of unproductive time. For that, many are thinking how they can use it in helping to raise money for startups?

Hunting for the Right Social Media Platform

As a matter of fact, there are two straightforward answer to this…

  1. The platforms your ideal investors are currently on
  2. Platforms that you are using the most

On the other hand, it is important as well to be authentic and do what you’re good at and passionate about. So, if you’re not accustomed to using Facebook for instance, then do not get started on it. If you are more on Instagram, then that is where you should start.


For startups who would be using social media, it is imperative to think carefully before deciding who will be managing the account and also, see to it that your message and brand identity is seamless.